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Archer attorneys in the Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Insolvency Litigation Group counsel domestic and foreign clients throughout the United States and globally on insolvency matters. The Group’s members are strategically positioned in the busiest bankruptcy venues in the United States, including attorneys resident in Wilmington, Delaware, New York City and Houston, Texas. Archer’s insolvency attorneys are sophisticated bankruptcy practitioners and litigators who are experienced in assessing client needs and quickly formulating an efficient and cost-effective plan of action. Group members frequently work with attorneys in complementary practices at Archer, which enables them to put together a comprehensive legal team capable of addressing a multitude of legal issues in-house.

Recent representative engagements include:

  • Debtors in the furniture industry in Chapter 11 proceedings in North Carolina
  • A British Virgin Islands debtor owning residential and mixed-use properties in a Chapter 11 restructuring in New York
  • A nationally renowned event producer as debtor-in-possession in New York Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Chapter 11 debtor seeking to sell distressed real estate
  • Chapter 11 debtors in proceedings in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other jurisdictions in successful restructuring proceedings as lead and co-counsel
  • China-based debtors to the solar panel industry in Chapter 15 proceedings and subsequent litigation in New Jersey and elsewhere
  • The debtor and litigation trustee of an artificial intelligence software developer
  • Creditor committees in bankruptcy cases in various jurisdictions, including current engagements for committees in Delaware and Houston
  • Hong Kong-based joint liquidators in Chapter 15 and litigation cases in New Jersey and Minnesota
  • Stalking horse and other bidders and prospective buyers in Chapter 11 cases in Delaware, Texas, New York, New Jersey and other jurisdictions
  • Petitioning creditors in involuntary bankruptcy cases in Texas
  • A plan trustee in a Colorado fraud litigation case
  • Fishing industry companies in restructuring matters in the United States and Canada
  • A foreign canonical entity in a Chapter 11 case involving plan negotiation and mediation with a diocese managing abuse litigation
  • The trustee of the Chapter 7 estate of a public EV company
  • The Chapter 11 trustee in connection with winding up and litigation claims against former officers and directors of an endurance race company
  • The creditors’ committee and liquidating trustee in a furniture manufacturing and retail case
  • The Chapter 7 trustee of a former mortgage lender and servicer
  • A Chapter 7 trustee in the liquidation of the estate and pursuit and defense of claims of and against the second largest spin-bike operator in the United States
  • A municipality and its employees sued by a Chapter 7 trustee and the estate’s secured lender for alleged violations of Section 363 sale
  • Parishes and religious orders in New York in connection with mass sexual abuse claims asserted against those entities and related negotiation of plan provisions with debtor and other parties in the Chapter 11 cases
  • A major real estate developer in the dismissal of corporate equity holder’s Chapter 11 proceedings in a case involving issues of first impression
  • Former stalking horse bidder sued after the fact by the liquidating trustee in Chapter 11 proceedings
  • A multinational chemical company involving complex environmental claims in three (3) separate bankruptcy cases in New Jersey
  • The Chapter 7 trustee of a large furniture retailer
  • A Chapter 7 trustee in the pursuit of Chapter 5 causes of action on behalf of estates
  • A principal in a Subchapter V filing and a Section 363 sale of assets of a minority-certified public highway contractor
  • A major Chinese manufacturer in Chapter 11 proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Colorado
  • A principal in negotiations with secured lenders and a consensual liquidation of an international paper products provider negatively affected by the Ukraine war
  • Co-counsel to a future tort claims representative in a large Chapter 11 mass tort case filed in North Carolina and now pending in New Jersey
  • Chapter 7 Trustee in Pennsylvania bankruptcy proceedings of several large entities formerly in the petroleum business

Subchapter V Bankruptcy remains a viable option for many debtors seeking faster, more cost-effective restructuring. Click here for a copy of Archer’s “Subchapter V: Smaller Businesses Can Benefit from a More Streamlined and Cost-Effective Bankruptcy Option.”

If you would like to arrange for a consultation to discuss your legal needs, please contact Group Chair, Stephen Packman, at 215-246-3147 or


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