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Operating a retail business presents many legal challenges, some of which are shared by other types of businesses and some of which are unique to the retail industry. Because of the special legal challenges inherent in the retail industry, it is important to secure legal representation from attorneys with experience handling legal issues related to the retail industry.

In its 90-year history, Archer has represented many retail clients throughout the region. As one of the largest firms in the Delaware Valley, our 175 attorneys take a multi-disciplinary approach to legal issues and provide comprehensive legal advice.  For example, our tax attorneys assist retail clients with state and federal income tax matters while our labor lawyers help with employment issues and our real estate attorneys assist in procuring the land clients need to expand their business.

Legal Services for Retail Clients

Retail clients must first ensure that they are operating under the most ideal business structure.  Our corporate and tax lawyers work with clients to establish a business structure that provides the most tax advantages and protection from liability. We also assist clients in intellectual property matters related to the company’s brand or trademark in order to protect this important company asset.

As a full-service law firm, our attorneys also assist clients with a wide range of legal issues arising from operating a retail business.  Our labor and employment law attorneys, for example, draft operating policies for employees to ensure that clients comply with safety regulations and rules related to employer/employee relations. When employee disciplinary matters or other issues arise that could lead to litigation, our labor and employment law attorneys help to resolve these matters in the most cost-effective way possible.

The attorneys at Archer also assist in the legal aspects of client relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors and other professionals and individuals, from drafting and negotiating lease agreements to reviewing contracts to ensure that they are as advantageous to the client as possible.

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Clients in retail industries throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia can benefit from Archer’s the comprehensive legal services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist.


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