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Continuing its decades-long tradition of providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to discovery problems and issues in litigated matters, Archer formed Archer Discovery Strategies, an inter-practice team of attorneys, legal assistants and technical personnel to address the ever-evolving landscape of discovery, with a particular focus on “eDiscovery.” The 21st century has seen an explosion in the sheer number of devices, platforms, and methods through which digital information may be accumulated and stored, increasing the need for legal expertise to collect, organize, maintain and efficiently utilize that data in litigation. Archer Discovery Strategies consolidates the firm’s expertise in the eDiscovery area, serves as a resource for litigation lawyers throughout the firm and enhances the technological services we offer to clients.

Archer Discovery Strategies members keep up with the latest developments in technology and the law, and leverage their collective experience with eDiscovery issues that arise in modern lawsuits, criminal matters, internal investigations and responses to third-party subpoenas. Archer Discovery Strategies provides solutions tailored to the needs of each client across a broad spectrum of cases, from high stakes to more routine matters, whether those needs involve the customary management of litigation-related data, or more specialized approaches such as reducing eDiscovery burdens through proportionality arguments, technology assisted reviews and negotiations with government entities.

Archer Discovery Strategies personnel have significant experience implementing end-to-end discovery and trial document management plans, having maintained more than 800 separate case databases, containing millions of electronic and scanned documents. As a matter of course, we:

  • Assess the traditional and eDiscovery needs and requirements at the outset of each case, recognizing that one size does not fit all and that costs are a significant consideration in determining the eDiscovery measures to take.
  • Apply our experience to achieve preservation and discovery plans that are proportionate to the stakes involved in each case and the parties’ resources, by cooperating and negotiating with adversaries or, when negotiations fail, through contested motions to the court.
  • Provide comprehensive data and ESI management services that include collecting, scanning, preserving, storing, processing, reviewing, coding and producing ESI.
  • Advise clients about options to engage third-party vendors to accomplish some or all eDiscovery tasks in appropriate cases.

Archer Discovery Strategies can often provide technical data and ESI management services at a cost with which most vendors do not compete. To do so, we:

  • Use an infrastructure built during years of service to significant corporate clients.
  • Design and create a customized database to store and manage ongoing discovery and ESI and hardcopy document processing needs.
  • Use a 7-terabyte server, a cutting edge document management technology platform, and state-of-the-art backup and security systems and that have met the security requirements and passed audits required by major corporate clients.
  • Use trained A&G personnel, including legal assistants and technical personnel, who are familiar with a range of platforms, including AD Summation Pro, iConect, Relativity and Concordance.
  • Use technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding where efficient and advisable.
  • Manage hard copy documents and transfer to searchable databases.
  • Develop a customized cloud workspace to house pleadings, correspondence and other work product, as well as “data rooms” for secure shared access to ESI among parties and various professionals.

Archer Discovery Strategies also focuses on meeting another common demand of modern litigation – the “virtual law firm.” In many matters, the firm jointly represents clients with in-house counsel and/or co-counsel located throughout the country and internationally, and manages data and documents on a secure, web-accessible system. Upon request, we can provide clients with secure access to our databases and work product on their cases.



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