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Archer’s Jeffrey M. Gradone Testifies On Behalf Of NAIOP

Archer's Jeffrey M. Gradone Testifies On Behalf Of NAIOPOn Thursday, February 12, legislation (A-3351, Diegnan) that would require a taxpayer appealing an assessment of real property assessed at more than $1 million to file an appraisal within 90 days of filing the appeal was released from the Assembly State and Local Government Committee. Tax attorneys Jeffrey Gradone, Archer, PC and David Wolfe, Skoloff & Wolfe, PC testified on behalf of NAIOP. They noted that the legislation is an unconstitutional overreach by the Legislature into the courts. The bill would: amend an inapplicable statute; establish an unrealistic timeframe; needlessly increase the costs of litigation to both taxpayers and municipalities; and create an access to justice problem.  The sponsor agreed to work with real estate stakeholders to improve the bill.

The Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee considered A-3372 (Vainieri Huttle), which would require parking garages to have on-site emergency vehicles capable of accessing low clearance areas.  This bill was introduced in response to the Short Hills Mall car-jack murder in 2013.  NAIOP, along with other real estate stakeholders, opposed the bill. However, the bill was reported out of committee.