Archer Attorneys Ken Ahl and Robert Seiger to Speak at Knowledge Group Webinar, “Pre-Immigration Tax Planning: Fundamental Framework and Important Issues Explored!”

Join Archer Attorneys Ken Ahl and Robert Seiger for a webinar hosted by The Knowledge Group. Over the years, the number of foreign nationals and entities venturing and moving for business opportunities in the U.S. has significantly increased. Most of these Non-Resident Aliens (NRAs) who are prominent business owners owning significant businesses and income-producing services are very much unfamiliar with the complex U.S. immigration laws and tax system.

The U.S. Tax Code provides NRAs or high net worth individuals, the opportunity to engage in tax planning activity to minimize taxes and potential tax liabilities before finally moving to the U.S. Thus, it is imperative for NRAs to ensure complete understanding of the tax laws to avoid potential financial losses and costly U.S. tax consequences.

Listen as a distinguished panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group provide and present to the audience an in-depth analysis of the fundamental framework and all the important issues in pre-immigration tax planning. Speakers will go beyond the basics and provide their expert thoughts and opinions on how to maximize opportunities and minimize exposure to risks and threats surrounding this significant topic.

Key topics include:

  • Pre-Immigration Tax Planning: Framework
  • Identifying Potential Tax Liabilities and Consequences
  • Long-term and Short-term Capital Gains
  • Transaction Costs of Pre-Immigration Tax Planning
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Recent Trends and Developments


WHEN: Monday, July 31, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
WHERE:   Online – Live CLE/CPE Webinar
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