[Virtual] Always On: Utility Reliability & Interconnectivity

What: [Virtual] Always On: Utility Reliability & Interconnectivity

When: Tuesday, June 8th, from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM.

Where: This is an online event.

Moderator: Richard Mroz, Senior Director, Strategic & Regulatory Affairs, Archer Public Affairs

Overview: The interconnectivity of utility infrastructure was on full display this winter as essential services fell like dominoes after Texas was hit by a major storm. Mass gas and electric outages led to disruptions in water supplies, leaving millions of Texans without heat, power, and clean water for days and in some cases weeks. Investing in, upgrading, and maintaining systems that can withstand the unexpected is key to avoiding a similar crisis in our region.

Greater Philadelphia’s utility infrastructure has many existing features and planned improvements to address these very concerns. With billions of dollars in proposed federal infrastructure spending and significant commitments from regional utilities to improve reliability, major improvements are on the horizon. Hear from industry leaders to better understand why Greater Philadelphia’s energy grid is already positioned for reliability and to learn about the latest electric, gas, and water utility upgrades being considered to ensure that our region is powered through the next crisis.

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