Sign Regulations: How Local Governments can Respond to New Challenges

When: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Where: Teleconference

Speaker: Andrew Fede, Esq.


Reed v. Town of Gilbert radically alters how local governments can regulate signs. In this practical guide to sign regulations in the wake of this landmark case, our experienced faculty will provide best practices for ensuring your clients’ sign ordinances don’t single out content-based speech. Confidently analyze sign ordinances and ensure they are constitutional – register today!

  • Examine sign ordinances and determine if they unconstitutionally single out certain messages.
  • Craft content-neutral sign regulations that shield your clients from expensive lawsuits.
  • Understand the repercussions Reed v. Town of Gilbert has on other types of local ordinances.

Course Content

  • Defining Content-Based Speech Regulation after Reed v. Town of Gilbert
  • Ensuring Sign Regulations do not Single Out Certain Messages
  • When are Content-Based Restrictions Still Permissible?
  • Regulating Commercial vs. Noncommercial Speech
  • Analyzing Existing Sign Ordinances for Questionable Distinctions
  • Creating Content-Neutral Regulations That Work – With Examples
  • How Reed v. Town of Gilbert May Apply to Other Ordnances

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