Michael S. Horn to be a Speaker at NBI Seminar, “Representing Your Client in Federal Court”

Skillfully Navigate the Rules and Pleading Standards to Reach a Favorable Decision

Whether you’re new to federal court practice or you just need a quick refresher, this course is for you. Experienced attorney faculty will review federal rules and local procedures and walk you through the life of a case to ensure no steps are missed.

  • Review federal court rules and tactics to ensure your compliance and boost your chances of success.
  • Make sure you know your case belongs in federal court: explore jurisdiction, venue and removal issues.
  • Comply with FRCP Rule 8(a)(2) and give each case a firm footing from the very start.
  • Find the balance between “brief” and “sufficient” to ensure each of your cases goes forward.
  • Get practical guidance on the types of factual content to be included in support of the pleading.
  • Understand how federal court procedures are applied when filing electronically.
  • Analyze the latest court rulings pertaining to discovery to prevent mistakes.
  • Prevent malpractice allegations with proactive legal ethics tips.
  • Discover the federal court’s best-kept secret: federal magistrate judges – and speed up your litigation process.
  • Troubleshoot to find new solutions to old evidence and expert problems.
  • Mind the critical distinctions between the federal and state courtroom culture.

For more information, and to register, click HERE.