Gianfranco A. Pietrafesa to present, UNDERSTANDING THE NEW NJ LLC: A Briefing on the New Jersey Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

Given by: Gianfranco A. Pietrafesa, Esq., Partner, Archer, P.C

When: Thursday, March 21, 2013 8:00-10:00 AM

Where: Rutherford Room, Ferguson Recreation Center at FDU’s College at Florham

What the Seminar is about:

The limited liability company (LLC) has become the entity of choice for many businesses. It provides its owners with limited liability protection and favorable tax treatment. Since the rights and obligations of owners are largely contractual, an LLC also provides its owners with greater flexibility in structuring management, voting and economic terms.

New Jersey recently updated its LLC law by enacting the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act. This new law takes effect on March 18, 2013 for newly formed LLCs and on March 1, 2014 for all LLCs. Whether a new or existing business is formed as an LLC, business owners and their advisors need to understand the important changes being made to the law. This one-hour presentation will cover the most important changes in New Jersey LLC law resulting from the adoption of this Act.

Topics to be covered are changes in the manner of making cash distributions to members, voting of members, the effect of a member’s resignation or withdrawal from an LLC, fiduciary duties of members and managers, new remedies for oppression of members, a member’s right to information from an LLC and its members, and more.

To Register: Call Kim Dennison 973.443.8880