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The legalization of cannabis is a complex and quickly evolving issue that requires an in-depth  understanding of current and pending regulations and how those regulations affect you, your business and your community.

Archer’s attorneys, in conjunction with Archer Public Affairs, are at the forefront of marijuana legalization, and are trusted advisors to the public sector, helping governments grapple with responsible regulations that safeguard both public safety and business enterprise.  This background, coupled with our experience representing highly regulated industries, creates a synergy within our practice group to help clients make sound, informed choices to comply with existing laws while adopting agile, forward-thinking strategies for future expansion.

Archer’s Cannabis Law Group is led by industry expert William J. Caruso, a long-time public policy adviser and founding member of the New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform steering committee and a board member for the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association.  Bill is part of a select group of attorneys chosen to advise the State of New Jersey on the intricacies of marijuana legalization, taxation and regulation.  Representing clients that are both veterans and new leaders in the medical and adult-use cannabis industries, including retailers, processors, growers and ancillary businesses, he leads a formidable team of attorneys who provide guidance on marijuana-related business issues, including strategic planning and transactions, employment law, land use, zoning and municipal law, and healthcare law.

Although the interplay of federal and state laws can be confusing and inconsistent, Archer’s Cannabis Law Group helps clients navigate this innovative, emerging industry responsibly, ethically and realistically, to ensure thoughtful, strategic success.

Disclaimer: Using, possessing, distributing and/or selling marijuana is illegal under federal law, regardless of any state law. Businesses and individuals should be aware that compliance with state law does not assure compliance with federal law.  Federal laws may be enforced in the future. Legal advice provided by Archer & Greiner is designed to counsel clients regarding the  existing and/or proposed cannabis law. No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law.

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08.04.2021 / PRESS RELEASE

Archer’s Cannabis Law Group Selected as a New Jersey Law Journal 2021 Innovators Honoree

06.20.2023 / ARTICLES

Kate Sherlock's Guest Column “Cultivating a cannabis brand” Published in NJ Cannabis Insider Issue 260


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