A delay in the deadline for non-profits to file pay-to-play disclosure until January, 15, 2008 was unanimously approved yesterday by the members of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (the “Commission”).

The Commission held a special meeting by telephone yesterday upon a request from Leon Sokol, Esq., representing the New Jersey Senate, informing the Commission that legislation to amend the pay-to-play statutes in order to exempt non-profit entities has been prepared for introduction and consideration when both Houses of the Legislature convene in December. Mr. Sokol requested that the Commission delay the filing deadline of November 30, 2007 applicable to non-profit entities and their officers and directors, to January 15, 2008, the date of a scheduled Commission meeting, in order to give the Legislature sufficient time to consider the proposed legislation.

Non-profits that have already completed and filed with the Commission and would like to rescind the filing to prevent the information from being made public on the Commission’s website, may submit a written request to the Commission to have the form BE filing and information withdrawn.

Request should be addressed to the Commission’s Special Programs office and may be faxed to: 609-292-4238 or mail to Special Programs, Election Law Enforcement Commission, P.O. Box 185, Trenton, New Jersey, 08625-0185. All requests must set forth the name of the organization as it was filed, and set forth that the entity is a non-profit and does not wish to have the Form BE and the information contained therein disclosed.

If you have any questions concerning this, do not hesitate to call your principal contact at Archer 856-795-2121, or contact Frances A. McElhill (, or David A. Weinstein (

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