In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler
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Telecommunications and Wireless

As the world becomes an increasingly digital place, it has also become increasingly wireless. No longer are people tethered to their desks or stuck in their homes or offices. Instead, SmartPhones and other wireless devices have caused major shifts in the telecommunications and wireless industries. Explosive growth in these industries is expected to continue in the coming years, so if you are involved in telecommunications or wireless businesses, the time to prepare for the future is now.

Legal Services for the Telecommunications and Wireless Industry

In the telecommunications and wireless industry, complying with regulations promulgated by federal and state legislatures is essential to success. These regulations apply to everything from the placement of cellular towers to the production and disposal of wireless devices to the security of wireless networks. It is important to understand all requirements associated with operating a telecommunications and wireless company and Archer can help.

It is also important for a company in the telecommunications and wireless industry to take aggressive steps to patent innovations and protect intellectual property.  At Archer, our corporate lawyers help with drafting non-compete and non-disclosure agreements while our intellectual property lawyers assist with the patent, trademark and copyright process.

Antitrust litigation is another issue that frequently arises in the telecommunications industry. The industry is vulnerable to this type of litigation due to the high barriers to entry in the telecommunications and wireless fields and the limited number of competitors within the industry.  Archer’s accomplished legal team helps clients avoid many of the legal problems common to telecommunications and wireless providers. We lobby for the interests of our clients and help our clients avoid litigation whenever possible.

Telecommunications and wireless companies also face many of the same issues as other business including taxation, labor and employment and contractual issues. Our experienced legal team can provide comprehensive legal guidance on all of these issues. For instance, we can help you to determine the ideal business structure to insulate yourself from liability as well as assist you in raising venture capital, hiring and terminating employees, entering into joint ventures, reviewing financing agreements and other legal issues that arise during the course of business.

Getting Legal Help

Archer provides a comprehensive range of legal services to clients in the software and technology industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your goals and needs.


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In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler

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