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Restaurant & Beverage

The restaurant and beverage business is governed by numerous state and federal laws and regulations.  To ensure consumer safety, these regulations are often cumbersome, making it difficult for new entrepreneurs to break into the industry and presenting challenges for existing businesses that must remain up-to-date on regulatory requirements.

Having the proper legal counsel to assist with regulatory compliance and the full range of legal that arise in the course of doing business is essential. At Archer, our experienced attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the unique legal issues that face restaurant and beverage companies.  Our 175 attorney legal team provides comprehensive legal advice on all issues related to your business, including contract negotiations, employment matters, real estate, franchising and litigation.  We represent a broad spectrum of clients in the restaurant and beverage industry, including food retailers, restaurants, food and beverage suppliers, beverage retailers and hotels.

Legal Services for Restaurant & Beverage Industries

For decades, Archer has helped clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia with a variety of legal matters relating to the food and beverage industries.  We assist clients with the formation of corporations, partnerships and other corporate structures as well as assist with tax, franchising, employment, intellectual property, anti-trust, environmental and litigation matters.  Our attorneys also assist with the negotiation of leases for restaurant property; the creation of employee manuals and materials to ensure the safety of customers and employees; with trademark filings to protect the identity and brand of your restaurant or food product; and with the negotiation of franchise agreements and other aspects of operating a franchise.

One of the most important issues facing the food and beverage industry is alcohol beverage licensing. Becoming licensed to serve alcoholic beverages can significantly increase the profit margin of a restaurant or place of business. At Archer, we have guided many clients through the process of obtaining and maintaining a license to sell alcohol in restaurants and other food service establishments.

Comprehensive Legal Assistance

Archer provides comprehensive legal service relating to all aspects of operating and managing a food service, beverage business or other business within the hospitality industry.  Our attorneys are leaders in their fields, published authors, lecturers and award-winners.  Contact us today in our New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware offices to learn more about our services.


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