In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler
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Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are among the most tightly regulated industries in the United States. Those who conduct research, invent, design, manufacture, distribute, or sell drugs or medical devices must comply with a diverse range of laws and regulations, including Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and a variety of consumer protection laws.

If you are in the business of designing, manufacturing or selling pharmaceuticals or medical devices, it is essential to retain an experienced attorney to help you make smart business choices, comply with relevant laws and regulations and minimize the risks of litigation. Archer attorneys help clients navigate this complex legal framework and understand their obligations relating to a whole host of issues, from clinical trials and obtaining FDA approval and complying with any licensing requirements advertising for drugs and medical devices. We assist clients in both ensuring full compliance and documenting that compliance to help insulate against future risk.

At Archer, our knowledgeable attorneys have extensive experience handling pharmaceutical and medical device cases. Our attorneys have counseled clients in a variety of medical industries, including orthopedics, endoscopy, diagnostics, drug-eluting stents, surgical robotics, and artificial-intelligence based medical systems. These clients have ranged from emerging growth companies to established life-science companies. In addition, our patent attorneys bring real-world experience scientific backgrounds in the private and public sectors and, as a result, bring a deep understanding of computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning, as well as their role in new computer-related medical processes and systems.

If litigation becomes unavoidable, you need experienced attorneys to advocate on your behalf. Our attorneys have experience prosecuting patent cases for some of the leading medical institutions in the region. We have assisted clients in developing and implementing both enforcement and defensive litigation strategies.

The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and medical device industries have fierce competition. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets. Our corporate lawyers draft non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and advise clients on the steps necessary to protect patented or copyrighted material.

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In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler

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