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Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

Charities and non-profits are provided with special protections under tax law, as well as with other legal benefits due to their non-profit status. Becoming recognized as a not-for-profit entity can be a challenging endeavor and maintaining your status as a not-for-profit or charitable organization can also require strict compliance with reporting requirements and other financial and regulatory matters.

At Archer, we understand the special legal needs of not-for-profit and charitable organizations.  Our tax lawyers have helped countless companies obtain not-for-profit or 501(3)(c) status and meet the legal requirements necessary to maintain that status and fulfill their tax obligations. Our corporate attorneys also help with other aspects of managing a charitable organization including fundraising matters and board or corporate governance matters, among other issues. With nearly 175 attorneys practicing throughout the region, our team of legal professionals guides clients in a broad spectrum of legal matters so they can focus on fulfilling their charitable mission.

Legal Services for Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations

Archer has an active client base of more than 300 not-for-profit and charitable organizations. These organizations operate all types of enterprises, from small charitable organizations to major hospitals and nursing homes. Also among the not-for-profits we represent are historic preservation associations, colleges, social service agencies and scientific research agencies.  Our clients range from start-up companies obtaining initial funding to internationally known charitable organizations.

No matter the size of your organization, we appreciate and value the good works you are committed to performing for the community and we help you address legal matters and make smart choices to protect your charity and minimize risk.   We also take steps to help your charity to grow, assist you in exploring special financing vehicles, and help you to achieve maximum efficiency from tax and corporate laws that apply to your organization.

We are a full service law firm that can handle all of your legal matters.  Our services to the non-profit sector include mergers and acquisitions, re-organizing the corporate structures of non-profits, minimizing real estate tax liability due to beneficial laws for non-profits, and securing tax exempt bond financing.

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Archer consults on legal issues related to charitable organizations throughout the Delaware Valley. Our attorneys are respected experts in their field, published authors, lecturers and award-winners. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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