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The manufacturing industry is heavily regulated to protect the safety of consumers and employees.   No matter what types of products you are manufacturing, it is important to comply with all regulations in order to avoid government action or litigation by employees or customers. It is also important to keep up with changes in the laws within your industry, and to explore opportunities for growing and developing your business in an increasingly global economy.

The lawyers at Archer have the experience necessary to help individuals and companies in the manufacturing field. Our New Jersey corporate attorneys provide extensive assistance to manufacturers on all business decisions while our labor attorneys help with staff relations. Our manufacturing practice group coordinates the legal services that manufacturing clients receive from the nearly 175 attorneys who work at one of several convenient Archer offices throughout the region.

Legal Services in Manufacturing

Archer provides legal assistance with all aspects of manufacturing operations. Our services include licensing and permitting as well as compliance with product safety requirements and environmental regulations. Our labor attorneys work with clients to prevent employment issues and address potential issues in a manner that does not leave them vulnerable to litigation or legal violations. We also assist with OSHA compliance so clients can create the safest possible workplace.

Our legal team also assists in procuring permits and licenses.  Most businesses need a business permit to do business and an occupancy permit for the factory or business premises.  Other permits may also be required such as fire safety permits and specific licenses for the types of products produced by the company.  Securing the proper permits and licenses is essential to getting your business off the ground and the legal professionals at Archer will help to take care of these issues for you.

Compliance with product safety and environmental laws is also essential to operating within the manufacturing industry and these laws are always changing. The government has instituted many green initiatives in recent years, such as laws tightening production and manufacturing standards to ensure that manufacturers do not pollute their environments.  Our attorneys keep clients apprised of new developments in the law and help them comply with evolving regulations and initiatives.

While Archer strives to find solutions that do not necessitate litigation, our litigation team can also represent your interests in settlement negotiations or court proceedings in the event that litigation arises.


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