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Life Sciences and Biotechnology

The life sciences field encompasses a number of industries including biotechnology, biomedical technologies and devices, nutraceuticals, life systems technology and food processing. The life sciences industry is constantly changing as new products are developed and new discoveries come to light.

Archer represents clients in a variety of fields related to life sciences and biotechnology. The attorneys in our life sciences and biotechnology practice group have science backgrounds or other experience that gives them the unique set of skills necessary to guide clients in this area. Our diverse law practice – consisting of nearly 175 lawyers – enables us to take a multi-disciplinary approach towards assisting our life sciences and biotechnology clients. Through our combined experience, we can manage all of your legal issues, from intellectual property and transactional matters to tax, environmental law and litigation.

Life Sciences and Biotechnology Legal Services

Legal services we provide to clients in the fields of life science and biotechnology include general services that are important to all start-up and operating businesses, especially within this field. For example, our corporate attorneys assist clients with joint ventures, strategic alliances, venture capital financing and mergers and acquisitions, allowing their company to grow and secure the necessary funding to conduct research and turn breakthroughs into real products.

We also provide services specific to biotechnology and life sciences. These services include intellectual property and patent management as well as guidance in complying with clinical trial requirements, public policy advocacy services and technology licensing matters.

In addition, our tax attorneys assist clients in selecting the proper business structure and with other income tax and profit-related issues. Tax advice can be especially important for start-up companies who need to choose the right business entity both for tax purposes and liability protection.

Biotechnology and life sciences is a competitive and fast-changing industry and one subject to heavy regulation. It is important to obtain experienced legal advice to make the right decisions. The Archer team will help you to respond to any legal question or issue that arises.


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