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The health care industry is undergoing a significant transformation.  If you are involved in the health care field, it is important to keep apprised of your rights and obligations in this evolving industry.  The health care attorneys at Archer provide comprehensive legal services to clients in every aspect of the health care industry. As the fifth largest law firm in New Jersey and one of the largest firms in the Delaware Valley, our team of more than 175 lawyers works to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to counseling health care clients with respect to their legal needs.

Archer provides legal services to clients from all segments of the health care industry, including:

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Long term and short term care facilities
  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted living residences
  • Home health care providers
  • Nursing providers
  • Medical staff
  • Medical equipment companies
  • Ambulatory care centers
  • Insurance companies
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Managed care companies
  • Facilities for the developmentally disabled
  • Others within the health care field

Our health care attorneys partner with attorneys in other practice areas within our firm, when necessary, including corporate, tax, real estate and litigation lawyers, to render legal assistance to our clients.

Legal Services for Health Care Providers

Many legal issues arise in the context of health care law, and our attorneys employ a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems.  We consult with attorneys from throughout our firm who are specialists in their respective practice areas in order to assist clients with all aspects of managing their businesses and complying with legal requirements. Our services encompass everything from assisting with disclosure requirements related to 501(c)(3) bonds to union relations and union organizing for health care providers.

Our attorneys serve a broad spectrum of health care professionals and companies in varying capacities and complexities, including:

  • Administrative management of health care companies
  • White collar crime issues
  • Regulatory compliance and regulatory issues
  • General corporate law issues
  • Taxation issues
  • Labor law issues
  • Hospital and medical staff relations
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Patients’ rights
  • Tax exempt financing

We employ a proactive approach and help clients avoid problems before they develop to minimize the risk of exposure to litigation from patients, staff or other entities. However, if disputes arise – whether from anti-trust concerns, medical malpractice, insurance disputes or other matters – our litigation attorneys provide comprehensive litigation support in trial and appellate courts as well as in proceedings before administrative agencies.

Contact our Health Care Attorneys

Health care providers throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia can benefit from the comprehensive legal services of Archer on health care and insurance issues. Our attorneys are respected experts in their field, published authors, lecturers and award-winners. Contact Archer today for legal advice and assistance.


12.01.2023 / PRESS RELEASE

Noel Fleming and Kayci Petenko Join Archer

06.20.2023 / ARTICLES

Michael Horn and Dylan Newton Co-Author Chief Healthcare Executive Article, “The shifting landscape of antitrust lawsuits in the medical field"


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