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Food and Agriculture

Strict regulations govern food and agriculture in the United States. These regulations are enforced and promulgated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Archer provides comprehensive legal services and advice to individuals and corporations in the food and agricultural industries.  We advise clients on FDA and USDA regulations, help them comply with existing federal and state laws and advise clients regarding changes in the law.

As the fifth largest law firm in New Jersey, our 200 attorneys specialize in variety of practice areas. Our food and agriculture department draws from the expertise of our corporate, environmental and litigation lawyers to provide the type of expert legal advice you need to grow and succeed in a fast-pace and ever-changing world.

Legal Services in the Food and Agricultural Industry

One of the most important aspects of operating a business in the food and agricultural industry is complying with a broad spectrum of regulations and requirements including laws related to biotechnology, commodity standards and grades, food distribution, labeling and packaging of foods, and safety inspection requirements. The Department of Homeland Security plays a role in ensuring food safety and provides pre-harvest security guidelines that clients should understand.  Knowledge of trade policies and procedures may also be important depending on the size and location of your business.

At Archer, our food and agricultural industry attorneys help clients comply with all necessary regulations, laws and safety procedures.  We also counsel clients on special legal issues such as obtaining organic certification and securing patents or licenses.  We do more than just help clients maintain their existing business structure, we also help them grow their business in an evolving market with an increased focus on healthy eating and environmentally conscious choices.

The aim of our food and agricultural practice is to keep clients one step ahead. We work with clients to lobby for their legal interests with federal and state regulators, and help them plan ahead to minimize exposure to risk. If problems do arise, our litigation lawyers vigorously represent clients’ interests.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Agricultural and food service or development companies throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia can benefit from the comprehensive legal services Archer provides on food and agricultural law issues. Our attorneys are respected experts in their field, published authors, lecturers and award-winners. Contact us today to discuss your legal issue.


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