In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler
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Energy and Utilities

The energy and utility industry is evolving rapidly as new federal and state regulations are enacted to promote energy efficiency and new forms of energy generation take center stage. If your business is involved in energy and utility matters, it is important to consult a legal expert who has guided major projects to fruition and stays on the forefront of new regulations and developments in the industry.

At Archer, our lawyers assist clients with all legal matters related to the energy and utility industry and help ensure that they have the tools and support needed to protect and grow their business.  Our energy attorneys stay on top of regulatory matters, keep abreast of industry shifts and help clients steer the future of their business. We have performed these services for some of the region’s largest energy projects, encompassing numerous aspects of complex power plant development, from financing and site selection to regulatory approvals for start-up and ongoing operations.

Archer provides comprehensive legal representation to clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware from our regional network of offices offices spanning those states. We have successfully guided clients through the restructuring of the energy industry, advised on energy project development and represented the interests of our clients before regulatory bodies at the federal and state level, working with lobbyists, policymakers and legislatures on behalf of our energy clients. No matter whether you are seeking ongoing guidance or help with a specific regulatory concern or energy matter, our energy and utilities lawyers can help.

Energy and Utility Legal Services

The energy and utility attorneys at Archer provide a broad spectrum of legal services to clients.  We routinely assist clients with participation in wholesale market design, and with the transfer of nuclear generators, fossil fuels and hydroelectric generators. We advise clients on retail electric deregulation and restructuring.  For clients providing natural gas or operating a nuclear power facility, we assist with special legal and regulatory matters related to changes in these industries.

Our environmental lawyers also help energy and utility clients with environmental regulation issues as well as site and land use matters throughout the region. Our in-depth understanding of limitations and regulations helps clients remain in compliance and maintain access to land areas that they need.

Our clients also benefit from the extensive resources provided by Archer’s other practice areas. For example, our energy attorneys work closely with the attorneys in our corporate departments to help in matters related to financing, mergers, corporate governance, reorganizations, consolidations and divestitures while our litigation attorneys assist with litigation matters that may arise.


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In Memoriam: Charles W. Heuisler

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