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Women’s Initiative

As a continuation of Archer’s commitment to fostering diversity in the workplace, the Archer Women Lawyers’ Network was approved by the firm’s Board of Directors in 2007. The over-arching goal of this Network is to provide mentoring and networking opportunities to our women attorneys through in-house programs, collaboration with other women’s groups as well as working with existing groups within the firm such as the Diversity Committee, the Associate Practice Development Committee and the Personnel Committee.

The Archer Women Lawyers’ Network focuses on the following areas:

  • Mentoring;
  • Networking Opportunities including partnering with other women’s groups;
  • Marketing and practice development; and
  • Informative programs addressing topics such as professional development, career advancement and work/life balance.

Leadership is provided by senior women attorneys and meeting are held on a regular basis, currently scheduled for every two months. The Network facilitates mentoring for women at various levels of experience and has sponsored several networking events both in-house as well as collaborating on jointly sponsored programs with other women’s organizations sharing similar goals.