David Weinstein Joined NJBIZ in Discussing the Future of New Jersey’s Energy Policy

Archer partner David A. Weinstein recently joined NJBIZ on a panel to discuss, “New Jersey’s Energy Future,” with the overriding message that New Jersey needs to be at the forefront when it comes to changes. Frank Felder, Director of Rutgers Energy Institute served as moderator for the event, which was held on June 25 at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Somerset, NJ. Along with Mr. Weinstein, other panel members included Kate Gibbs, Deputy Director of Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative 825, and Brian Lipman, Litigation Manager for New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel.

Mr. Weinstein specializes in public and private financing and alternative energy development. In discussing the bottom line on clean energy, he said, “Whether you believe in climate change or not, there is definitely a change occurring around us.” He added, “We owe it to future generations to make the planet sustainable for human life.”

During the almost 2-hour discussion, Mr. Weinstein provided his thoughts on, among other areas, the draft energy master plan and its cost, offshore wind, global warming, battery technology, opportunities created by the energy master plan, and the importance for people to have a say in how it works.

Support of Natural Gas

Referring to the NJ Board of Public Utilities draft energy master plan and the panel’s support of natural gas, Mr. Weinstein said, “The belief behind the master plan is that we will all benefit from it.” “My biggest concern is that it is in isolation. The goals of the environmental protection side do not get the benefit they try to achieve. Our federal government is not in lockstep with us as a state.” He further stated, “At the same time, we have a heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Natural gas keeps rates low. It would be double what they are without natural gas.”

NJ Development of Offshore Wind

On the topic of offshore wind, Mr. Weinstein told attendees, “Offshore wind is going to really help a lot of these port towns develop and become vibrant again. It is going to create the jobs onshore for a lot of very technical work, and it will create much opportunity for advancement for our research and development. New Jersey is central to a lot of the development that is going to happen up and down the East coast.”

Lookout for Opportunities under the Energy Master Plan

Mr. Weinstein left the audience with an important point to keep in mind, stating, “Getting to the goal under New Jersey’s energy master plan of net neutral by 2050 takes an expansive amount of development and governmental support that has to happen to get you there, so please understand that is an opportunity for anyone seeking it. There is so much opportunity in this area, not only is New Jersey committed to trying to find a solution to reducing fossil fuel emissions, almost every other state in some form is trying to get their emissions down.”

He ended telling attendees, “If you are not in this space and are looking to expand into a new area, there is a lot of opportunity and growth in this particular sector.”

Please contact David Weinstein at 856.857.2787 or dweinstein@archerlaw.com for more information on developing and structuring alternative energy projects.

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