Celebrating Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Archer proposed a series of questions related to the month’s significance to the firm’s female attorneys. The following responses represent the experiences and inspiration of career-driven women in fields of law. Join Archer as we celebrate the words and achievements of past and present female attorneys.


Is there a woman attorney at Archer who you look up to and why?

Melissa Dibble: “I look up to so many of the women attorneys at Archer, but two of the women who have been mentors to me, and whose careers I would like to emulate are Tara Zane and Maureen Coghlan.  They are both working mothers who have grown successful practices, hold leadership positions in the firm, and are always there for advice on how to navigate having a career and parenthood.”

Debra Rosen: “I look up to all of the women attorneys at Archer as each has taught me something important from making sure I have balance in my life to perseverance when life or work has given you significant challenges and how to be a good mentor.”

Ashley Rotchford: “Kate Sherlock—she became a partner shortly after I joined and seems to be able to balance being an attorney and a parent/partner. It’s what I hope to do.”

Amy Pearl: “I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Kerri Chewning.  While Kerri’s career as a trial attorney is itself impressive, it is the way she leads by example in the firm and in the legal community that stands out.  Within the firm, Kerri is an invaluable mentor to young associates navigating the unchartered waters of the legal profession.  Outside of the firm, Kerri’s contributions to the federal bar—most notably, her recent role as president of the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey—are unmatched.  Above all, Kerri is kind, insightful, and immensely funny.”