Podcast – Rob Seiger on Your Life, Your Wealth

Rob Seiger was recently featured on Podcast Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 63.

H-2B Visa Summer Drama: President Trump’s immigration regulations have made a big impact on our economy for business owners. Steve Cardasco will bring on attorney Robert Seiger, immigration expert and partner at Archer and Greiner based in Philadelphia, to get the run-down on the seasonal summer worker problem. It’s time to get the real scoop on how companies struggle to fill summer tourist jobs! It might even make you think twice about who is serving you that Kohr Brothers ice-cream cone on the boardwalk!

Rob’s appearance is near the 16:35 mark of the podcast.

Sal DeBunda’s Siruis XM Radio Interview

Listen to Sal DeBunda, President and General Counsel of the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen¹s Association (PTHA), interviewed on Sirius XM radio in April 2012 about efforts to preserve funding to continue the resurgence of horseracing in Pennsylvania.


Solar Energy: Hot Today, Cold Tomorrow?

Solar Energy

Solar Energy: Hot Today, Cold Tomorrow?
New Jersey is one of the world’s most active solar energy markets.  In this seminar, our experts discuss the costs and benefits of solar projects in the Garden State – now and in the future. 

Presented by:
David A. Weinstein, Esquire, Archer PC
Robert W. Bucknam, Esquire, Archer PC
Michael Cosack, Independent Energy Consultant, Green Oak Energy Solutions

Powerpoint Presentation Download   

Part 1 (17:48) David Weinstein
Introduction: Why New Jersey is a hot solar market (Powerpoint slides 1-7)

Download Part 1

Part 2 (14:14) Michael Cosack
Solar project cost-benefit analysis & considerations (Slides 8-12)

Download Part 2

Part 3 (21:53) Robert Bucknam
Government incentives for solar projects (Slides 13-16)

Download Part 3

Part 4 (29:22) All
Looking to the future; Q&A (Slides 17-18)

Download Part 4