Alison Morrissey

Alison Morrissey devotes her practice to complex commercial litigation matters in the state and federal courts located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.  Ms. Morrissey has a wealth of experience prosecuting and defending claims in all stages of the litigation process.

Ms. Morrissey counsels clients involved in litigation in an array of industries, including the healthcare, construction, oil and gas, and real estate industries.  Additionally, she provides guidance to clients in the non-profit and government sector.

Due to her experience handling large pieces of complex litigation, Ms. Morrissey’s understanding of the best practices associated with electronic discovery allows her to assist clients in efficiently managing voluminous sets of electronic documents, and to produce them pursuant to the rules in state and federal court during discovery.

Additionally, Ms. Morrissey has extensive experience in the defense of catastrophic injury claims involving alleged exposure to toxic substances, and product induced injury.  Ms. Morrissey’s experience as a litigator, in conjunction with her scientific background make her a valuable resource in all cases involving an analysis of causation.  Additionally, Ms. Morrissey’s extensive working knowledge of forensic economics and vocational rehabilitation provide our clients with expertise in the prosecution and defense of claims involving past and future wage loss, and past and future medical expenses. 


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