Labor & Employment Law Update

This course will cover the major state and federal laws affecting employee compensation. Issues covered will include designation of employees as exempt or non-exempt, timekeeping requirements, recordkeeping obligations, and the appropriate designation of independent contractors.

- Legal Update: Case Decisions, Regulations and Legislation
- The Expanding Reach of the National Labor Relations Board
- Legal Update: Pending Legislation
- Employee Background Checks: How Far Can You Go?
- When Employees Leave: "Top Ten" Rules

Peter L. Frattarelli, Archer & Greiner, PC
John P. Quirke, Archer & Greiner, PC
Richard S. Mroz, Archer & Greiner, PC
Laura K. DeScioli, Archer & Greiner, PC
David Rapuano, Archer & Greiner, PC
Theodore Easton, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

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